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Community Health Networking - Works! (CHNET-Works! ) is an affiliated with the Population Health Improvement Research and the Canadian Health Human Resources Networks. It is a pan-Canadian knowledge exchange tool supporting dialogue and translation to support the development of evidence informed policies, programs and services.

CHNET-Works! Fireside Chats are Pan Canadian discussions for professionals in population health and stakeholder sectors.  Click here to check out our upcoming Fireside Chats!
Participants join in via telephone and internet. 
No registration fees, no travel costs.... no green house gas emissions.

Our Goals:
√ To Link Practitioners, Researchers and Policy/decision makers
√ To Share leading edge research and application.
√  To Support discussions, networking and mobilization .

We hope you will join in the Fireside Chat (webinar) discussions and share the information with your colleagues!

Click here for more information on CHNET-Works!