Health Evidence: A Canadian resource for facilitating evidence-informed public health decision making

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This Fireside Chat is in collaboration with

This Fireside Chat presentation will include real practice-based issues to illustrate how health-evidence promotes quick and easy access to public health effectiveness evidence. In addition, there will be a demonstration of how to navigate the site and what other content is available

Advisors on Tap will discuss how has helped local public health units with their decision making in practical ways as well as answer questions about how to use review evidence in decision making, from searching to interpretation

Call to Action:
1) Come to the Fireside Chat with practice-based issues or questions. We will use them to search for relevant evidence
2) Search prior to the meeting for a specific practice-based issue and we will discuss your findings/experiences with the group
3) Come prepared to discuss services that are needed in your organization to promote a culture of evidence-informed decision making

Advisors on Tap:

Maureen Dobbins RN, PhD
Associate Professor, McMaster University School of Nursing
Maureen Dobbins, RN, PhD is an associate professor in the School of Nursing at McMaster University and a career scientist of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Her research is focused on understanding knowledge translation and exchange among public health decision makers in Canada. Studies have included: identification of barriers and facilitators to research utilization; understanding the information needs of public health decision makers at the local, provincial and federal level; evaluating the use of systematic reviews in provincial policies; exploring where research evidence fits into the decision-making process; evaluating the impact of knowledge transfer strategies, and exploring knowledge brokering in public health units in Ontario.

Paula Robeson, RN MScN
Paula is a Knowledge Broker with Health Evidence, a service program housed at McMaster University School of Nursing that offers a suite of resources and services to Canadian public health decision makers. Paula’s role involves tailored approaches to individual and organizational capacity development for evidence-informed public health decision making.

About strives to facilitate quick and easy access to more than 1,900 reviews published since 1985 evaluating the effectiveness of all public health and health promotion interventions. All reviews are appraised and given a quality rating. Decision makers can save time with since they avoid having to search for and appraise review literature.
Currently sees more than 35,000 visitors annually. Reviews on are:
• identified through a comprehensive search strategy that includes electronic databases searches, handsearches, and reviewing reference lists of all reviews added to;
• assessed for relevance to public health;
• keyworded using common public health terms; and,
• assessed for methodological quality.

The health-evidence registry is updated quarterly and tailored messages are sent to registered users electronically, updating them of the new content on the site in their particular area of interest. For each review on we continue to write short summaries that identify the review’s key findings and corresponding implications for policy and practice. also offers services that facilitate the development of capacity among public health organizations, and supports change initiatives that promote organizational culture and infrastructure conducive to evidence-informed decision making.

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