Addressing Provider Shortage in Underserviced Areas: The role of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine (TCAM) providers in Canadian rural healthcare

European Journal of Integrative Medicine
The event will start on: Oct 18, 01:00pm EDT
And will end on: Oct 18, 02:00pm EDT
This Fireside Chat presentation will explore traditional, complementary and alternative medicine ("TCAM") health care providers in Ontario.

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The Advisors will share the results of a pilot study that examined traditional, complementary and alternative medicine ("TCAM") providers in rural/remote communities of Ontario. 

The study explored whether TCAM providers were providing care to rural/remote communities and if so, what roles they were playing in underserved areas and specific areas TCAM providers were complementing in lieu of biomedical providers.

The presentation will also discuss the effect of wider provincial recognition of TCAM in specific rural/remote communities.  It will therefore cut across two related themes related to HHR distribution in rural/remote communities in Ontario.

dr daniel hollenbergDr. Daniel Hollenberg, BA (Hons.), MA, PhD

Research Associate
The Royal College of Physicians ans Surgeons of CanadaDr.
millie1Millennia Lytle BA, ND, MPH
Project Coordinator



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