#364 SHKN: Falls Prevention Nutrition and Hydration

SHKN Making Connections Webinar Series
The event will start on: Feb 05, 01:30pm EST
And will end on: Feb 05, 02:30pm EST




Here is the link to the SHKN audio recording of this fireside chat on youtube...

SKHN - Falls Prevention and Hydration

This Fireside Chat will provide a brief overview of the association between nutritional status and falls, with a specific focus on dehydration.
Specifically, the different forms of dehydration, and how it can be confirmed will be reviewed.
Risk factors for dehydration specific to the older adult population will be discussed as well as treatment and strategies to improve fluid intake.
Nutrition risk screening as a means to identify potential risks with respect to hydration will be discussed.

Who should attend:
Healthcare professionals, caretakers, students, researchers and anyone else interested in falls prevention.

Advisor on Tap:
Heather Keller RD, PhD is a nutritional epidemiologist and dietitian. Her research expertise includes nutrition risk screening, assessment and nutrition intervention for seniors in general and seniors with dementia in particular. 
Her research spans community and institutional sectors. She is a Professor in the Department of Kinesiology, University of Waterloo and a Schlegel Research Chair in Nutrition & Aging. Dr. Keller has published extensively in the area of nutrition and older adults.  Her current research is focused on eating in dementia, social aspects of eating, weight loss, nutrition risk programs and interventions. 
She is co-chair of the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force.  
Dr. Keller engages in extensive community engaged scholarship and knowledge translation and exchange.


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