#358 SHKN: Hoarding: Feeling Homey or Fielding Hazards

SHKN Making Connections Webinar Series
The event will start on: Jan 08, 01:30pm EST
And will end on: Jan 08, 02:30pm EST

Hoarding is a mental health condition characterized by the accumulation of clutter at the expense of functioning and safety.
Understand the nature of compulsive hoarding disorder - who it affects, how it is diagnosed and what safety challenges are typical in situations of extreme clutter.
Learn to identify the current evidence-based strategies to support your clients and techniques available to address risks such as fires, infestations and eviction.

Who should attend: Healthcare professionals, caretakers, students, researchers and anyone else interested in falls prevention.

Advisor on Tap:

Catherine Chater has been practicing as a mental health therapist within the community for over 10 years and is currently developing VHA's hoarding best practices team.
She is the co-author of VHA’s Community Hoarding and Clutter Toolkit  -- a practical tool which reflect her interest in bringing evidence-based practice into the realities of front-line services. 
Catherine is an advocate for the delivery of compassionate and effective mental health services in the community and in 2011 was named VHA Home HealthCare's Service Provider of the Year.



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