#431 What does “fair” mean to you? The importance of language for advancing health equity.

The event will start on: Jan 29, 01:00pm EST
And will end on: Jan 29, 02:30pm EST




What does “fair” mean to you?  The importance of language for taking action to increase health equity.

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Health equity language is value laden and full of “shortcut” terminology. Many of our terms—such as “health equity”, “social determinants of health” and “social justice”, are often only meaningful to public health insiders --- and sometimes not even to them!

 This Fireside Chat continues the discussion about how language can help and hinder our work in the area of social determinants of health and health equity.

 The NCCDH has just released a “Glossary of essential health equity terms” in response to practitioner requests for clear definitions that would help us communicate among ourselves and with people outside public health. We’ve discovered that finding opportunities to discuss the meaning of the words we use, such as “closing the gap”, “marginalized populations”, “advantage and disadvantage”, has helped us articulate common values and think more deeply about the equity strategies we use in public health work .

In this Fireside Chat we will explore the meaning of the terms we commonly use in our emails, workshops and reports, and we will discuss how we communicate these ideas to people who are not so familiar with the links between social inequalities and health inequities.

 Join us to

1) Learn more about the ongoing development of the NCCDH French and English glossaries of essential health equity terms (available on our webpage, with space to leave comments)
2) Hear from thought-leaders in our field about their favourite terms, and words they wish would disappear from our conversations about health equity
3) Listen and contribute to the ongoing conversation about how we use these terms in Canada, and how we could get better at using, defining and explaining them


Karen Fish and Lesley Dyck, NCC for Determinant of Health (NCCDH)

Public Health “thought leaders”
Dr. Lynn McIntyre
Professor, Dept. of Community Health Sciences
Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary

Julieta Kusnir
MPH, Strategic Communications Specialist
Berkley Media Studies Group

Dr. John Millar
VP, BC Public Health Association

Dr. Ryan Meili
Family Physician and founder of Upstream

Elizabeth Roth
Communications Coordinator at Upstream:

 Who should attend?
Public health practitioners at all levels will have an opportunity to reflect on how they use social determinants and health equity language and build their confidence to communicate effectively about these complex concepts.

 Recommended reading:

NCCDH (2014). Glossary of Essential Health Equity Terms


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