#445 The Arts and Individual Wellbeing in Canada: a brief review of research on recreational arts engagement, health & wellbeing

The event will start on: May 21, 01:00pm EDT
And will end on: May 21, 02:30pm EDT



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The Arts and Individual Wellbeing in Canada
While sport and physical activity are widely acknowledged as important for good health, the links between arts and culture to health and wellbeing are less well understood and less frequently acknowledged.

In Arts Health Network Canada’s second “Arts & Health” themed fireside chat, Advisor on Tap Kelly Hill of Hill Strategies Research will review research on the public health and well-being implications of recreational arts engagement. This presentation will focus on findings from the landmark 2013 study, Arts & Individual Wellbeing in Canada and also include international longitudinal studies on arts engagement and wellbeing.

Join us for an overview of this exciting area of inquiry and a review of research that considers:
 the connections that exist between Canadians' cultural activities and their personal well-being
 the health implications of both active and passive arts engagement (ie: performer vs. audience member)
 possible reasons for the positive associations between recreational arts engagement and health indicators

Who should attend?
Arts & Health is a field that necessitates thoughtful interdisciplinary practice. Health care workers, health administrators, community-based artists, creative arts therapists and facilitators, recreation planners, social care providers, policy makers, researchers, evaluators, educators, and students will benefit from this overview of arts engagement and wellbeing research.

Advisor on Tap:

K Hill 


Hill Strategies


Kelly Hill, MA 
Kelly Hill is President of Hill Strategies Research, a Canadian company that specializes in applying social science research methods to the arts sector. The author of nearly 300 reports and presentations on the arts and culture in Canada, Kelly has examined the situation of artists, arts funding and finances, cultural participation and spending, cultural donors and volunteers, arts education, creative communities, and the benefits of culture. Hill Strategies’ ongoing projects, created by Kelly Hill upon founding the company in 2002, include the Statistical Insights on the Arts series and the Arts Research Monitor. In addition, Hill Strategies Research also conducts commissioned research projects, such as a recent study of local cultural investments. Much of Hill Strategies’ work is available for free at www.hillstrategies.com.

Kelly Hill’s Statistical Insights on the Arts Presentations are made possible thanks to funding from:
Department of Canadian Heritage, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Ontario Arts Council


kira tozer   

Kira Tozer, MPH
Kira is the Knowledge Translation Project Manager for Arts Health Network Canada.


Related resources:
Arts Health Network Canada is a non-profit organization that champions participation and engagement in the arts as a path to improved health, healing, and wellbeing for all Canadians. Arts Health Network Canada is the country’s primary arts and health knowledge sharing, networking and capacity building hub. AHNC engages health care professionals, artists, researchers, decision makers, and the broader public to promote and facilitate the development and growth of arts and health initiatives across Canada.

Hill Strategies Research is a Canadian company that specializes in applying social science research methods to the arts sector. Hill Strategies Research has three ongoing projects: the Statistical Insights on the Arts series (statistical reports), the Arts Research Monitor (a summary of research findings from various sources) and presentations based on our research findings.

Resources mentioned in the presentation:

Correction for link on slide #35:

Neuroscience, hypothesis on potential neural explanations for causality, posting:

U of T's Music and Health Research Collaboratory (MaHRC)http://uoftmusicmahrc.ca  -

Arts & health reserach: Arts Health BC's literature repository on Mendeley:  https://www.mendeley.com/groups/3687871/arts-health-bc-literature-repository/
Regarding identity, a recent Angus-Reid survey found that there is a very strong relationship between attachment to Canada and feeling that it has a special culture: There is a very strong relationship between attachment to Canada and feeling that it has a special culture: http://www.capacoa.ca/en/services/arts-promotion/statistics#public-support
AHNC infographic on Arts & Dementia:

Youth engagement specific to tobacco use prevention.  www.lmlontario.com


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