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The role of ‘lay’ and community health worker interventions in addressing health inequities within hard to reach populations:International experiences and Canada’s emerging knowledge

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A lay health worker is a member of the community who has received some training to promote health or to carry out some healthcare services, but is not a healthcare professional. Lay health workers carry out different tasks such as giving help and advice about issues such as child health, child illnesses, and medicine taking. Some lay health workers may treat people for particular health problems.

In this session we will discuss the international experiences of the use of community health workers in achieving greater health access, community health mobilization and equitable health outcomes. This will be followed by an examination of the emerging knowledge in Canada about interventions by community health workers (also known as lay health promoters, health aids, health educators, multicultural health brokers, community health representatives, promotoras, home visitors, personal support workers or paraprofessionals).  Internationally, a wide range of community health worker interventions  are directed to changing behaviours and improving health outcomes among hard to reach populations, however, little is known about the role that these interventions play in Canada and their contributions in addressing health inequities among marginalized communities, including immigrants and refugees.  In this session we will also examine the promising role that community health workers play in Canada in maximizing utilization of preventive health programs by marginalized populations; in strengthening health and social programs interventions for at-risk families; and, in reducing health disparities for marginalized communities.

Participants will:
• Learn about the multiplicity of community health worker interventions in Canada and internationally
• Discuss interventions focusing on health promotion and prevention of illnesses and those interventions targeting social determinants of health
• Review pros and cons of using community health worker interventions to address health inequities; and
• Consider health human resource planning issues in relation implementing these interventions

Overall questions and themes:
• What types of policies and practices lead to the implementation of community health worker interventions?
• What are the characteristics of the health care/community settings in which community health care worker interventions are implemented?
• How do community health worker models operate in Canada in comparison to the U.S and internationally?
• What can we learn from community health worker interventions in regard to health human resource deployment?

A special invitation to join in to: pubic health managers, government policy makers, community health centres, community based organizations who work with immigrant populations, academics re: health equity, those working with marginalized communities (e.g. aboriginal, low income), PHAC (per the Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program) 

Advisors on Tap:
Sara Torres
PhD Candidate
Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa

Ronald Labonté
Canada Research Chair, Globalization/Health Equity
Professor, Faculty of Medicine
Institute of Population Health
University of Ottawa

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