Kids with ADHD, aka attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, can develop low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression if they are left unattended. At worst, ADHD can lead to school failure, gravitation towards unnecessary risk-taking, and affinity for conflict. You can help them stay focused in school by buying them fidget toys, but the major problem can only be managed by therapy and family support.

Your Child’s Mental Health Matters

We live in a society where much emphasis is placed on material needs and biological health at the expense of our mental health. According to a 2021 survey conducted by OnePoll, 47% of US citizens think going for therapy is an attribute of weakness. To put this into perspective, 2000 Americans took part in the survey, and 940 participants had a negative mindset towards therapy.

Your mindset towards mental health can influence the psychological growth of your kid and his/her perspective towards mental wellness. Mental health encompasses a child’s self-esteem, endurance when faced with real-life issues, productivity, and contribution to society. It is unfair to cater to their physical needs and deprive them of therapy when they need it.

The Risks of Neglect and Rewards of Proactiveness

Neglecting a child with ADHD is like ignoring a small kitchen fire. With time, the whole house will be up in flames. If left untreated, people with ADHD could be caught up in criminal activities, car accidents, and substance abuse. ADHD can also lead to intense anxiety and depression. Early diagnoses can help ADHD patients learn how to control or manage their situation better.

Treating ADHD early in life is the best option, as it is easier for children to learn essential skills and management strategies compared to adults. Some adults with ADHD do not have the patience and endurance to learn such skills; hence they rely excessively on drugs. The excessive use of stimulants can lead to addiction and other health conditions.

Signs of ADHD

It is not unusual for kids to be restless and playful. However, kids with ADHD cannot exercise control over their inattentiveness and hyperactivity. It’s almost as if they want to stop being restless, but they can’t. Also, it’s not the fault of parents that their ADHD kids are not properly diagnosed and treated. Some parents cannot tell when a child has ADHD. If you discover that your child has the traits given below, you should take him/her to the doctor for a checkup.


Kids with ADHD are easily distracted. They might be present in class, and their mind is totally somewhere else. They tend to be forgetful and lose their property.


When you notice that a kid is always fidgeting and restless, there is a likelihood that the child has ADHD. They get bored easily and have trouble staying quiet when instructed.


Children with ADHD often act without thinking. They may get into trouble unintentionally. They may interrupt others when involved in a discussion or group meeting.

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