Fireside Chats

Date Event Name
Oct 22, 01:00pm EDT - Oct 22, 02:30pm EDT “#415 The next patient is from where in Africa?What am I supposed to do?”The Initial Medical Assessment of a New Immigrant or Refugee Child/Le prochain patient vient d’où en Afrique?
Oct 23, 01:00pm EDT - Oct 23, 02:30pm EDT “#416 ESDC -- Loneliness Among Older Adults in Canada / La solitude chez les aînés au Canada
Oct 28, 01:00pm EDT - Oct 28, 02:00pm EDT “#417 The Role of Organizational Context in the Delivery of Integrated Care
Oct 29, 01:00pm EDT - Oct 29, 02:30pm EDT “#418 NCCDH Engaging communities for better policies to improve health equity: The Makimaniq Plan, a shared approach to reduce poverty in Nunavut experience
Oct 30, 01:00pm EDT - Oct 30, 02:30pm EDT #419 ESDC Planning for Late Life Transitions /Planifier les transitions associées au vieillissement
Nov 04, 01:00pm EST - Nov 04, 02:00pm EST #420 Dynamic Continuing Education for the 21st Century: 10 Lessons in 10 Years from the Skills Online Program in Public Health
Nov 06, 10:00am EST - Nov 06, 11:30am EST No 421 « Où vont les soins de longue durée au Québec ? »
Nov 12, 01:00pm EST - Nov 12, 02:30pm EST # 422 PROPEL: Flavoured Tobacco Use Among Canadian Youth
Nov 13, 01:00pm EST - Nov 13, 02:30pm EST #423 ESDC - Older Adults/Seniors: Addictions & Concurrent Disorders EDSC - Adultes âgés et aînés: Dépendances et troubles concomitants
Nov 18, 01:00pm EST - Nov 18, 02:30pm EST Health EvidenceTM Briefing Note: Decisions, Rationale and Key Findings Summary
Nov 20, 01:00pm EST - Nov 20, 02:30pm EST #424 Child Rights and Public Health – What’s the Connection? National Child Day 2014 / Les droits de l’enfant et la santé publique – Quel rapport? La Journée nationale de l’enfant 2014
Feb 24, 01:00pm EST - Feb 24, 02:30pm EST #423 Engaging Community Stakeholders in the Delivery of Early Childhood Injury Prevention Messages