Our Vision

CHNET visualizes patients of mental health having a fulfilling, happy, and healthy life with the support of their caring families and communities.


At CHNET, we advocate public awareness, educate, and support all individuals and their families that have been devastated by mental health illnesses. We aim to help them have better lives.


  • We trust that there is always a chance to recover and live well.
  • There is always hope for all people.
  • We accept different cultures, views, and racial backgrounds.
  • We strongly advocate having confidence, empowerment, and self-efficacy through our mission.
  • We give much importance to showing kindness, empathy, and respect.
  • We defend justice and equality for all.

What We Do


We offer our educational programs to a lot of communities throughout Canada through CHNET communities and our affiliates. We make sure that we reach out to individuals, families, and educators to provide the mental health knowledge and support they need.


We create public policies for patients with mental health disorders and their families. We teach necessary skills and provide tools to leaders to make mental health better in all states. We lead by having public awareness events and activities to fight mental health stigma and make people understand mental health disorders better.