There are a lot of ways for you to be a fundraiser for CHNET. You can have events such as a cake sale, concerts, birthdays, reunions, holidays, milestone celebrations, programs, or any type of fundraiser you can think of. You can also showcase your interests and skills using CHNET DIY.

Community Events

You can personally plan your fundraiser for your community or any organization.


You can hold an event for reaching a milestone or celebrating a special holiday or event by supporting CHNET in place of gifts.


You can create your own campaign online to make people more aware of and support CHNET.


You can make a special page for a deceased loved one as a form of memorial and long-lasting tribute.

Physical Programs

You can have a physical challenge to feel motivated and support CHNET.

Please keep in mind that CHNET cannot promote your events. However, we could give you the support and resources you need to advertise your event.

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