CHNET is one of Canada’s largest mental health organizations. Our goal is to give better lives to a lot of Canadians affected by different mental health disorders.

CHNET was started in 1979 by a few family groups seated around a dining table. Now, it has become the country’s voice on mental health awareness. Currently, we have more than 600 affiliates locally and 48 organizations that all work to make communities aware of mental health. They also give education and support that was not easily available for those who need it most before.

Regardless of an individual’s race, disability, status, sexual orientation, age, identity, ethnicity, everyone should be respected and given importance.

Our organization is inclusive, diverse, and equal, so all our members, employees, and volunteers have the same treatment. Therefore, we commit ourselves to methods that do not discriminate and give fair chances for all to be employed, to participate and improve in different programs and fields.

We have been a source of hope and assistance for people that were affected by mental health illnesses. We have been active in the mental health movement for many years through our advocacies so that all people can get the care and support they need.