There are a lot of mental health care workers that can help patients recover. You can see them working in in-patient institutions such as psychiatric facilities, outpatient centers, hospitals, private clinics, and schools. They include:

1. Psychologists

These health professionals have a doctorate degree in clinical psychology or in another related field such as education or counseling. They have knowledge of evaluating a person’s mental health through psychological assessments, tests, and clinical interviews. They can diagnose and prescribe individual treatment or group therapies.

2. Counselors, Therapists, and Clinicians

These health care providers are master’s degree holders and are trained to assess a person’s mental state. They utilize therapeutic methods that focus on training programs.

3. Primary Care Physicians

These doctors can prescribe medication for patients with mental problems. However, it is best to consult a health professional that specializes in dealing with mental health. Primary care and mental health care providers need to work together to figure out the best treatment approach for their patients.

4. Social Workers

Social workers create the patient’s case management, discharge plan, and provide placement services among many others. Their goal is to assist patients to live healthily.

5. Pastoral Adviser

These pastors are members of the clergy and have a clinical pastoral education background. Therefore, they can give a diagnosis and counsel as well.

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