Globalization a Determinant of Health and Canada's Role

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(please note, this Fireside Chat has been rescheduled from May 19 to June 9th)

What kind of leadership do we want Canada provide at G8 and G20 summits?

Advisors on Tap:
Ronald Labonté
Canada Research Chair, Globalization/Health Equity
Professor, Faculty of Medicine
Institute of Population Health
University of Ottawa

Ted Schrecker
Scientist and Associate Professor 
University of Ottawa,  Department of Epidemiology and Community Medicine,
Principal scientist, University of Ottawa, Institute of Population Health

Related Resources:
Globalization and Health: Pathways, Evidence and Policy. Routledge, 2009.

From Local to Global Empowerment: Health Promotion in Action. Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.

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