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“Oral health is integral to general health...you cannot be healthy without oral health” - Donna E. Shalala, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Significant inequities in oral health and access to oral health care exist in Canada. Governments, public health environments, and the dental professions are all increasingly focussed on these issues of equity in an effort to improve the situation. Yet in an environment of fiscal constraint, how should Canada publicly insure for diseases that are largely preventable, minimally experienced by the majority, but that still cause tremendous suffering among the socially marginalized?

While the renewed support for publicly financed dental care is indicative of a general support for a basic right to health care in Canada, the challenge remains to define what we think is equitable within this sector of our health care system.

So what can Canada do? What can we learn from similar international attempts to improve on oral health equity? Join us for this important discussion!

Advisor on Tap:
Carlos R. Quiñonez,
Assistant Professor and Program Director
Dental Public Health
Faculty of Dentistry
University of Toronto

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